Memory Landscape

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A unique portrait of your home

In each room we display our treasures, precious gifts, inherited memorabilia, objects collected during our travels – but how often do we stop to contemplate their true meaning? In the bustle of everyday life, we frequently take these possessions, and our relationship with them, for granted.

A Memory Landscape, with its intriguing, sometimes whimsical imagery, will reconnect you to the real value of your home and all you keep within its walls. The collection of images, put together in a book with your thoughts in text, will articulate a narrative which is not only unique to you, but which will become a beautiful family heirloom for generations to come. This form of family album is particularly valuable if you are moving home or downsizing.

“This is an inspired idea. Photographs inspire memory and memory inspires feelings. There is never any need to move away from the house, even if you don’t live there anymore.”

Rhonda Wilson MBE

“There is beauty and poignancy in your art. I wish I’d seen your Memory Landscape pictures before we dismantled my late mother’s house, which was also my past.”

Libbie Sheppard

I will photograph your home and cherished memorabilia in a sensitive, “fine art” style, and put the images together with your own thoughts and captions to create something special to keep and one day hand down to your children and their descendants.

Photography fee: £265
(+ travel over 50 miles)


Photographic Paper

8.5” x 12” (A4)

20 pages: £345
30 pages: £425
40 pages: £495

10” x 14”

20 pages: £475
30 pages: £535
40 pages:  £595

For leather cover, please add £50

Smaller duplicate albums

8.5” x 6” (A5) hardback, photo paper: £185 per copy
5.5” x 4” softback, printed paper: £195 for 8 copies